Anisetta Rosati "Superfine" - Ascoli Piceno 1877

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City / Region: Ascoli Piceno - Marche - Italy. Alcohol content: 32% Vol. Distillation method: distillation in bain-marie discontinuous alembic and a slow evaporation; main botany Seeds of Anise Verde di Castignano (Pimpinella Anisum L.) Slow Food Presidium, with subsequent cold infusion of pure Saffron Piceno pistils. Serving temperature: 10 ° -15 ° C .. Visual analysis: bright color tending to a golden yellow. Olfactory analysis: intense, aromatic, decisive and pleasing with a delicate aroma saffron note. Tasting analysis: full and soft taste rich in aroma with intense hints of anise green, saffron, chamomile, licorice, honey and Mediterranean spices. Available format: 50 cl bottle. Curiosity: the logo on the label was created by the famous Emilian painter Augusto Mussini at the beginning of the last century. Among the many admirers we can to count the Real Casa di Savoia and S.S. Pope Leo XIII.
The Anisetta Rosati "SUPERFINE" is the result of a diligent batch distillation in a bain marie and slow evaporation, of a careful selection of Castignano Green Anise seeds "universally recognized as the best and most fragrant" enriched with very pure stigmas of "Saffron Piceno" in infusion, which give it the characteristic gold color and an intoxicating scent The seeds of anise are harvested by hand by skilled farmers on the night of the last full summer, after being cultivated for six months in the sunny and well-drained fertile land of the gentle hills of the Piceno, suspended between sea and mountains and refreshed by the breeze of the mountains Sibillini.
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