La Escondida - Grand Mezcal - 100% Agave Espadin

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TYPE OF AGAVE Espadín / Agave angustifolia Haw. AGE OF THE PLANT 7-10 years REGION Oaxaca, Mexico Product registered as protected under the designation of origin. CLASSIFICATION Mezcal white / mezcal joven CONTENT OF ALCOHOL 40% NUMBER OF DISTILLATIONS 2 TASTING NOTES Honey, pepper, thin smoke
DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN A drink made from cooked, fermented and distilled agave. MADE FROM AGAVE ESPADÍN 100% Indigenous in Oaxaca, it is one of the most popular Mexican agave varieties. A HIGHLY COMPLEX DISTILLED DRINK The traditional methods produce earthy and smoky notes on the nose, while its soft and balanced flavor, strongly absorbed by the cooked agave, offers a long finish that is at the same time strong and pleasant
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vintage s.a
Bottle Size 700 ml
Country of Manufacture Mexico
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